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Controversial Opinions - Often on ‘Socially Taboo’ Topics

     There are topics that we don’t usually talk about, but maybe we should. Some of them will be aired here. They might include:

  • Are men really naturally, ‘automatically’, aggressive - or is that view partly a popular myth? If so, why?
  • Population decline - given the Climate Emergency, isn’t it time we talked about making it happen?
  • Low carbon futures - which is going to police it? How will we trade-off judging whose way of life is ‘greener’?
  • Obesity is a serious world problem, causing distress and illness - so why is avoiding the issue now the norm?
  • Covid-19 and influenza, both are killers but, post-vaccination, have we lost the emphasis on good public hygiene?


 [ In the process of being transferred from a number of posts, including from the ‘complexity demystified’ blog. ]


[As at 05 Aug 2023]