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Articles and Analysis

A Collection of Articles Investigating Current Affairs Topics

   Here are some of the topics which will be covered in the articles:

  • Earthquake prediction: a novel approach which treats the Earth’s crust not as a semi-solid through which the shock waves echo, but as a ‘slow liquid’ like glass - where the movement ‘slops’ back and forth over days or weeks.
  • Investigating why groups such as the ‘Occupy Movement’, ‘Extinction Rebellion’ and ‘Just Stop Oil’ fail to get long-term traction in bringing about change. “It’s the form of organisation, stupid” might be the answer.
  • A study into interoperability, technical, organisational, social and ‘Of the mind’ - which has developed a practical framework for analysing and selecting appropriate means of enabling effective communication.
  • Making decisions in the face of deep uncertainty and the ‘unexpected’. How do you approach what you don’t know and can’t predict? There is an answer!
  • How technology alienates and disenfranchises people and, in the words of Gary Klein “Makes them stupid” - and what can be done about it.


 [ In the process of being transferred from a number of posts, including from the ‘complexity demystified’ blog. ]


[As at 05 Aug 2023]