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Update on 17th June 2024:


Charity ‘Dapper’ Motorcycle Ride - Sponsorship Results

     The charity motorcycle ride was a great success, raising over 5 million dollars worldwide! To those who sponsored me - thank you! Photographs of the some of the riders are here.


Boats and Boat- building

     This section of the website has blogs on boats we have built and on the techniques used to craft and restore traditional boats and ships. To help keep these crafts alive, you can Flag_France-x80download here plans for the 15-foot, 4.6 metre, Irish gandelow - featured in Wooden Boat Magazine number 249 / 250 in 2016; in Watercraft Magazine number 130 in 2018; and in Chasse-MarĂ©e boat magazine issue number 301 in 2019 (in French). In 2024 a new area of work was started - looking at the Nordic Peoples called ‘Vikings’, and particularly their ships and the key part they played in the success of Viking raiding expeditions. 

Beautement Books

     Beautement Books started publishing in 2014 with a guide to building the Irish ‘gandelow’ fishing boat.. You can read about all the books here. An ‘academic’ book “Complexity Demystified - a guide for Practitioners” - was first published in 2011 by Triachy Press - but can now be downloaded as a PDF from this site.

Resources - Library of PDFs and Multimedia

     The resources section has been restructured and extended to include recommended books, articles, video and sound clips - as well as preserving the archive of the abaci library’ from 2015.

About the site and its History

     This section provides information about the events which have inspired the site and its author, and our unusual family name, its origins and our connections with boat-building and crafts.


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