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This site includes pages on: traditional boat building, published books and on family history.

Boats and Boat-building

     This section of the website has blogs on boats we have built and on the techniques used to craft and restore traditional boats and ships. Flag_France-x80Download plans for the 15-foot, 4.6 metre, Irish gandelow - featured in Wooden Boat Magazine number 249 / 250 in 2016; in Watercraft Magazine number 130 in 2018; and in Chasse-Marée boat magazine issue number 301 in 2019 (in French). 

Beautement Books

     Beautement Books started publishing in 2014. Their second book is a detailed guide (with plans) for building a traditional wooden fishing boat - the river Shannon gandelow. You can read about the books here.

     Our books, both those already published and others being written, are listed on the Events page. A new page has been added about the book “Complexity Demystified” which was first published in 2011 by Triachy Press - but copyright has now returned to the authors and so it can be downloaded as a PDF from this site.

Family History

     This section provides information about our unusual family name, its origins and history.


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