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Beautement Books started publishing in 2014 - some of our books are downloadable through the links below.

     The Events page lists our programme and the Notices page provides announcements and messages for people who have purchased the books. We have already published:

2019, January, Chasse-Marée boat magazine published a gandelow article in French

  • Chasse-Marée is an organisation based in the town of Douarnenez in Brittany. As well as sponsoring the bi-annual international boat-festival ‘Temps Fête’, they also have a library / shop and publish a boat magazine. Issue 301 contains an article on the gandelow which explores not just their construction but also their role in developing the culture and communities of west Ireland.

2018, August, Gandelow article published in Watercraft Magazine

  • Watercraft magazine is based in the UK and publishes six issues a year covering “Designing boats, building boats and using boats”. Issue 130 included an article on the gandelow - particularly examining the design issues involved in scaling down from the 23-foot (7-metre) version to a 15-foot (4.5 metre) one.

2018, July, book ‘Complexity Demystified: a Guide for Practitioners‘ now downloadable

  • Professor Brian Collins, as part of the ‘Liveable Cities’ project in 2017, cited a book written by Patrick Beautement and Christine Broenner and published by Triarchy Press in 2011. A pre-publication of the book is available as a downloadable PDF (10MB) from the Complexity Demystified page on this site.

2017, July, News Items

2016, February and March: Articles in WoodenBoat magazine in America

  • Issues 249 and 250 of WoodenBoat Magazine included our two-part article on how four 23-foot (7-metre) gandelow were built as part of a community project for Limerick City of Culture in Ireland. As part of this we released, in PDF form, a set of plans which freely available to download. For step-by-step detail on how to build a 23-foot boat we recommend that you purchase the Plans Book.

2015, May: “Plans for Building a River Shannon Gandelow (with Step-by-step description)"

  • This is the definite guide to building a 23-foot (7-metre) gandelow. The book contains detailed plans, printed on A3 pull-out pages, along with an updated version of the step-by-step building guide. The description, contents list and index of the book are on this page. The book is based on the work done in spring 2014 at the A. K. Ilen School for Wooden Boat Building, in Limerick, Ireland where four excellent boats were built. You can order the book from the author, by clicking on this email link or by going to the Shop Now page. 

2014, November:  “Building a River Shannon Gandelow - A Basic Step-by-Step Guide”

  • This book is a basic guide (without plans) explaining how one of the river Shannon’s most elegant fishing boats - the 23-foot (7-metre) gandelow - is built. The book is 90 pages long and contains over 80 photographs and more than 15 diagrams. There is a more detailed description of the book here. You can order the book by clicking on this email link or by going to the Shop Now page.


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