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Building a River Shannon Gandelow - A Basic Step-by-Step Guide

ISBN-13 Number: 978-0-9930784-0-8. RRP* in the UK 8.99GBP.

     The book is 90 pages long and contains over 80 colour photographs and more than 15 diagrams. Spiral bound. The book provides a basic step-by-step guide (without plans) describing how a 23-foot (7-metre) gandelow would be built.

     You can order the book from the author, by clicking on this email link. Or you can download a free 20-page summary copy here (PDF, 7 MB) containing Contents pages, the first page of each Chapter, the Index and front and back pages.

     Owners of the book will need this list of corrections (PDF, 55kb) as a small number of errors have been noticed since publication. Please apply the corrections before using the Guide. Thank you.


  • Getting started (materials required, plans).
  • Making the strongback and boat floor.
  • Attaching stem, stern-post and transom.
  • Moulds, plank preparation, garboards and gorings.
  • Shaping, steaming and fitting the butterfly planks.
  • Scribe, shape and fit the sheer planks.
  • Fitting the knees (ribs).
  • Steaming and fitting the gunwales.
  • Fitting out, lockers, stringers, thwarts and paddles.
  • Caulking, preparing and painting.
  • Launching, trimming and rowing / sailing.





Gandelows at Hawley’s Quay, Limerick, 2014

* RRP = Recommended Retail Price. Also note that the ISBN-10 number is: 0993078400.

Photography credits: We apologise for the fact that the photograph on the frontispiece (of three people rowing a gandelow in Limerick) is credited incorrectly to Gary MacMahon. It should be credited to Sean Curtin, Irish photographer.

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